Monday, April 21, 2014

You take the good, you take the bad.....da da da da da da da....the facts of life!

You take the good, you take the bad.....da da da da da da da....the facts of life!

Well the past couple of weeks have brought both the good and the bad. Again, I apologize for the lack of posting! Believe me, I've been yelled at by all of my family members about it! I've gone from having friends and family visiting me and keeping my spirits high to the dreaded "symptoms" the doctors warned  me about visiting and keeping me in bed! These past two weeks have seen it all. Please forgive me!

I, again, got to show off the city of Houston to two new visitors, Anna and Erica. We spent a lot of time reminiscing, laughing, and just being silly! If there are two people that can keep a girl smiling, they are! Unfortunately, they were also there to see the beginning of these symptoms that started rearing their ugly heads. Mainly the fatigue and the difficulty swallowing. I was so hoping I could avoid them!! Not so lucky! The girls were good sports though :) They made me rest when I needed to and Erica even watched a Dave Matthew's Band concert from start to finish on TV with me to cheer me up! What can I say? They love me! And dare I say, Erica loves DMB now? I have a verbal commitment from her & Roby to go see them in Charlotte with us this summer!

So the symptoms. I was warned from the beginning that they would show up but I started to believe that I may out smart them! It was already week 5 and I had only felt a little nausea. I was sure my green juice was working magic on all the junk that was being pumped into my body. The fatigue I could deal with. I like naps anyway  :) The swallowing issue was a little harder to come to terms with. Anytime something messes with my food intake, I'm not happy! I'm a Casella.....I love to eat! I first noticed it with pizza. I felt pain in the center of my chest (my esophagus) when I swallowed the crust. Of course, I ignored it and continued to eat. Hello, it was pizza! In fact, I ignored it for most of the week. I'd pause a little as I swallowed but would keep on going. When I spoke to the doc, he told me it was time for the meds. It was soon apparent to me that he was right! It got to the point where even mashed potatoes were hurting to swallow! Even with the meds the next week was pretty rough in the food department.

Here I am entering my last full week of treatment and I think I have the kinks in the meds figured out. I was able to eat a little bit of Easter dinner comfortably, which made my mom and Aunt Kathy very happy! I'm still focusing on soft foods and even.......ugh....ensure shakes to get in as much nutrition as possible. Only 8 treatments left and then it will begin to heal and I will be able to eat! This to shall pass!

The biggest boost to my spirits has again come from all of you! Last week my family did an amazing job hosting 2 events in my honor that were complete successes! I am floored by the support that my family, friends, and strangers have shown. The bowling alley fundraiser was a blast and Chili's was jam packed! I wish I could have been there with all of you. Thank you to everyone who came out and especially to my dad, erika, aunt mary, aunt kathy, and julia for your planning expertise! You guys are the best!

So here we go with my last full week of treatment. I may not be able to eat much and I may need to take frequent naps.....but I have a support system that others would kill for and I'm still.....Happy. (You have to sing that Happy like Pharrell) :) Let's go!

-The symptoms
-not being able to spend Easter in WPB with Brandt and the usual Casella family  festivities
-not being with my students for FCAT

-Anna and Erica! You guys are amazing :)
-Having Aunt Deb and Aunt Kathy here! You guys are invaluable! Aunt Deb helped with every aspect of care for my mom, the kids and me! I don't think she stopped the whole time she was here! And Aunt Kathy brought the Casella love I was missing and made food that I was able to get down!
-My mom. I can't say enough how much I love her! She has been here every step of the way doing EVERYTHING! I'm so glad she's with me in Houston. Talk about a rock!
-My dad and Erika. Thank you for all of your hard work for that bowling fundraiser! You know how much I wished I could have been there!
-This week brings Brandt, my dad, brother and Jenni!!!! I can't wait!
-Angie and Tod's life group from Tallahassee. They have reached out to me and sent well wishes and prayers everyday last week! Each time I went to the mail there was another uplifting card. Thank you, Thank you!
-Uncle Vinny! Thank you for sending the coffee cake! I doubled up on meds to eat it, but It was so worth it!
-My work family! The cards from the various teams have brightened my days! I can't wait to see you guys to thank you in person! Love you all!
My world!!!! This melts my heart!

Anna, Erica and the kiddos at the park!

Yum! Thanks Uncle Vinny!!!

Happy Easter!

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  1. So glad to see you again . Was just in your class yesterday talking to Mrs Garrido . Kids are all fine just missing you. Your class exactly the same. So hspoy to see you so happy ;) chin up and keep trucking sending more prayers.